Join me on a musical journey around the USA, Canada and Mexico via songs in the Americana/Country genres.

Growing up in England, I wasn’t really aware of Country Music but I developed a fascination for America and “The West” through the TV shows of the time. As I started to listen to American music of all genres I found myself mesmerised by the exotic places mentioned in the songs and longed to see Dallas from a DC9 at night, to go from Tucson to Tucumcari and to think about a calico bonnet from Cheyenne to Tennessee.

In the last 25 years I’ve been able to do a number of road trips in North America, including a coast to coast, a long distance cycle ride and Route 66, seeing at first hand some of the places I’ve heard about in songs.

So now I thought I’d put together the ultimate, virtual Americana road trip. Together we’ll travel from place to place via songs in the Americana/Country genres which feature states, towns, rivers  and other geographical features.

Just one rule – songs mentioning multiple places can only be used once, otherwise I could just use “I’ve been everywhere” half the time.

Enjoy the ride !